The 1st FERIA Conference, the European Conference on

Fuel and Energy Research and Its Applications

The Successor to the ECCRIA Series of Conferences


Pope Building, University Park Campus

The University of Nottingham


United Kingdom


Monday 12th to Wednesday 14th April 2021


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Scope and Purpose

The purpose of this conference is to bring together researchers in universities and participants from industry who are also carrying out research or are interested in the application of the research in industry. Papers which describe the applications of research in fuel and energy characterisation, utilisation and preparation are now invited.

Call for abstracts

Abstracts are invited which describe current academic and industrial research into cleaner fuel and energy research on biomass, waste and fossil fuels and their applications including but not limited to :-
Improving efficiency and reducing emissions for carbon-based fuel technologies in conventional combustion power generation. This includes optimising the flexible operation of power plant and ash and slagging issues.
Advanced Power Generation, (APG), based on thermal processes, including enabling technologies and innovative process design for APG.
Industrial scale combustion, gasification and pyrolysis including issues associated with co-firing and with the combustion of biomass and waste.
Biogas production and utilisation including landfill gas and anaerobic digestion.
Decarbonisation : Pre and post-combustion capture, transport, storage and utilisation technologies, including oxyfuel combustion, chemical looping, fuel characterisation and plant diagnostics.
All emissions issues, including alternative NOx, SOx, particulates and trace element reduction techniques to meet more stringent emissions standards throughout the world.
Pre-treatment and processing of biomass and waste feedstocks, (torrefaction, washing, etc.), and issues associated with the safe storage, processing, handling and feeding of biomass and waste into process systems.
Hydrogen : Its potential use as transport fuels and for stationary applications and their issues.
Energy storage, thermal storage, mechanical storage, cold storage and integration with energy systems.
Case studies on the challenges facing the users of biomass and waste.
Carbon based fuel conversion process including, carbonisation and other metallurgical uses, fuel-derived products, fuel preparation and handling, underground coal gasification and coal bed methane, and all other carbon-based fuel conversion processes, including coal to liquids.
Policy and technoeconomic studies, including legislation towards power from carbon-based fuels, government policy, legislative framework, both UK and international.

Research students are also strongly encouraged to submit papers, attend and give presentations - there is a reduced Conference fee for students.

All authors are asked to submit one or more abstracts by 15th January to the Professional Conference Organiser at Abstracts must conform to the format specified in the website template, and must be submitted by the named presenter, (not a third party). For papers accepted, the named presenter/author will present the paper at the conference either as an oral presentation or as a poster. This author must register and pay his/her conference fee by Friday, 26th February in order for their paper/poster to be confirmed in the programme.

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Abstracts in the required format should be submitted to the Professional Conference Organiser at

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